How to own your happiness (Part 2)


Knowing yourself and what you value and enjoy is key to knowing what really makes you happy.

We all have wants and needs as individuals and these are constantly changing as we grow as human beings.

Listening to your inner voice and knowing who you are is paramount to understanding what makes you happy…but how many people today actually know this?

If we look at what is happening in the world in a negative way then we can see the faults of society belong entirely within ourselves. Publicity through the media, I believe dictates to us how we should behave, what we should think and what we should have in our lives…..many of us have become sheep following the masses, but when we behave in this way we have to ask ourselves are we truly happy? I think not and this is proven by the ever increasing use of alcohol, drugs, and addictions. All these things fill us up temporarily, making us feel full…but the feeling is not sustainable, this is because what we really need does not lie in what is outside of us, but what is within us.

As human beings we are all totally unique individuals, even if you are a twin your genetic make-up is different to the other. We have talents that separate us from anyone else, we are special in our own way. And when we realise that if we can tap into this uniqueness by searching within…we can own and channel our happiness into being the best we can be in our chosen field of work and in our hobbies and interests.

So how do we do this? how do we becoming truly ourselves?

Intuition is the voice of our soul, it guides us when we need to make decisions and when we trust in it, it never fails.

Some people are so lost in the masses, they can only identify themselves with the words of others, as they have lost their ability and confidence to trust in their intuition. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but I don’t really want to concentrate on the negative aspect of lack of confidence and self-doubt…..lets jump straight in and find ourselves again….after all, life is precious and for living!!

I am going to use myself as an example of how I found my happiness.

When I discovered Life Coaching I felt I had discovered my true calling and although I love my work and know I am good at it, I knew there was still a piece of me that was lost and so I spent time alone searching myself for answers, asking myself questions and also asking the universe for guidance…..and then it all came back.

As a child I would write poetry and funny songs about people I knew, I would write and get lost in it, the words flowing, coming from within without force and I was happy doing it. I would make people laugh with the words I had written and I recalled these memories as some of the best in my life. My mum, aunt and I, spent many hours rolling around the floor laughing, full belly laughs as I re-iterated my ditty’s to them. At times we laughed so much they pleaded to me to stop reading to them for fear of not making it to the loo in time. It was my gift.

In the last year of my middle school I was given English lessons appropriate to that of high school students and my teacher told my parents I should be a journalist or a writer.

So what did I do with my gift, you may ask? What did i do with my god given talent?

Well I will tell you, I let lack of confidence kick it out of me, I pushed it aside without knowing and with it I lost my ability to listen to my instincts and trust my intuition and what happend alongside of this life changing event? I lost me and my happiness. I became someone else, someone who did what she thought others would approve of and then I lost a bit more of me.

Until finally I became depressed and at that time I really didn’t know why?

Now I know I seem to just be focusing on career and working life here, but any aspect of you that makes you happy and you lose can have serious effects on your well being. Also for most of us not born with the proverbial silver spoon,we can expect to work for at least 60 percent of our lives, so why would we not spend sometime searching within exploring new things and remembering what we enjoyed in the past. In order to bring us to the discovering of what we really enjoy and what brings us happiness?……we owe it to ourselves and we owe it to the world, to share not only our gifts but our joy.

And so what if we realise we really enjoy making people laugh, but can’t see how we could ever give up our high paying, boring job in the city to do what we really love? Then we start off small, entertaining family and friends, writing our own material, then we get a few gigs and we feel how it feels to be doing what we love. Then we get some more gigs and someone writes a great review…and before we know it we have so much work, we don’t have time to go to the office and we have to pack in our high paying, boring job because the work we really love, is filling us up so much with happiness that we value it more.

If you are in a situation now where you happiness has eluded you, ask yourself a few questions.

What do I do easily, without effort?

What am I doing,when I do lose myself and feel that time is of no importance?

When do I feel most creative?

When do I feel enthusiastic?

When I am happy to be on my own, what am I doing?

And if you have no answers then do not despair, but spend sometime in solitude and ask your intuition to guide you, to bring your back into alignment with who you are. Listen to the internal voice that speaks, it is the biggest part of who you are and what you were meant to be. It is always eagerly awaiting to rise up and be heard. It is your soul it is your true voice….follow it with confidence and it will never fail you. It is your own unique individual happiness!!

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