Hi lovelies,

I hope this last week has brought you some good things and you have also had some great times connecting with others.
It’s said that there are ‘6 basic human needs’ and that if we meet them at a high level and positively, our lives will be producing great results.
The reason I mention this is because I have been thinking a lot about ‘Love and Connection’, one of the ‘six basic human needs’, and how important it is, especially as 2020 rolls towards its end. It’s been an extraordinary year with so much uncertainty but there is one thing I am certain of, that ‘Love and Connection’ are high on the list when it comes to contributing to our wellbeing.
Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually we need to be with others and feel like we belong and that we are loved, as much as we need the air that we breathe.
When people are depressed they often withdraw from human contact, when in fact it is love and connection that they really need. Nothing soothes the heart and soul like laughter with a loved one, a hand held in times of need and warm arms wrapped around you as you go through one of life’s challenges.

Regardless of what you have in your life, materially, I honestly believe nothing can replace being loved and connected, but it is not always easy. For example when someone gets badly hurt, especially as a child, they can grow up fearing further hurt from others and withdraw from making deep connections, preferring instead to be more independent emotionally. This is fine, if they are happy with it, but if their pain is unresolved, emotional independence can grow into isolation, creating more fear and pain.

It’s no easy task to move out of this place, but change of any kind is possible, once we realise that ‘Love and Connection’ are vital to our happiness and that giving into the past only creates more suffering.
If you have unresolved hurts from the past, I understand completely how it can affect you and how scary it can be to put yourself back out there and your heart on the line, not only in intimate relationships but also with family and friends. When we are so sensitive, any risk big or small, can seem too much and overwhelm us.

But you are worthy of having those beautiful relationships and having lots of love in your life. 

If you would like to know more about growing in ‘Self-love’ opening your heart again to others and how you can work on your ’six human needs’ and heal from the past, give me a shout and grab your FREE consultation, where you and I can work on getting clear about where your challenges stem from and how we can work through them to give you a loving, happy, successful life.

Sending much love

Nicola xx