The value of authenticity

One of the greatest awarenesses I came to, at the early stages of my healing journey, was how human beings have the propensity to search for their sense of happiness on the outside, when the inside is damaged and in chaos.
It starts when we are hurt and take responsibility for how others treat us. We detach from our own sense of self and worth and create a new persona, that we believe will fit in with and please others.
We then take it a step further by attaching our happiness to things, people and tools of pleasure which moves us further away from our inner joy and peace. The feelings that we can connect with regardless of circumstance, environment and interaction with others.
In the beginning, these behaviours offer us relief and happiness, but it is always short-lived and as we continue to strive to work out what people want, how we can fit in and what we can consume, the work becomes arduous.
As time passes unhappiness becomes commonplace and it is only then we come to realize that the happiness we gain outside of us is fragile. Just like a leaf being blown around by the wind, it is vulnerable to its ever-changing environment. One minute it is resting peacefully, the next tossed about, never knowing when and where it is going to land.
When we are connected to our authentic selves, we have a solid, grounded base from which to grow. We feel sure of ourselves and confident to make decisions. We bounce back easily from rejection and failure, knowing that we always have ourselves to come home to.
When we have experiences from the outside world we are able to enjoy them fully, but not depend on them for our happiness. And so are emotionally well-rounded and stable individuals.
So we can understand from all this, that having a strong connection to our true self, is vital in living a happy and healthy life, where we are confident in ourselves and our abilities. That we can embrace challenges as they come along, without becoming stuck in uncertainty as to how we are going to cope.
When I disconnected from myself as a child, I experienced years of turmoil, of nervousness and confusion. My true identity was hidden so deep inside me. I had little idea what I liked or didn’t like and looked for constant reassurance from my mother, to feel safe.
You could say I lived fearfully and didn’t trust myself or had any desire to take risks, which eventually eeked out into my adult years, where I played small, even though my true self is adventurous and bold.
I was living a lie and it showed, I developed a skin condition as my inner turmoil finally bubbled up to the surface. I drank to stuff down the crippling pain I felt inside me at not feeling able to be myself fully.

Over time not being me hurt too much and I finally took steps to peel back the many layers I had wrapped around me and I started to feel different. I gained clarity about my identity, became more confident in showing the world my gifts and developed a belief in my abilities.
I no longer compared myself to others, knowing I was valuable and had much to offer.
I can say that a great part of my reconnecting with the real me, was due to the suffering that occurred by being someone else and also to making the decision to let go of the past.
It also happened through practices I now teach others, disciplines that allow them to heal and embrace fully who they really are.
The interesting part of healing and reconnecting fully to your inner self is that your energy changes as your fears disappear and this is when the magic happens. As vibrational beings, we are like magnets to our desires, if we are emotionally healthy and live aligned with our values, but if not then we get stuck in cycles of toxicity and lack. Which means we literally repel health, love, wealth and abundance.
What our soul wants at its core, is unavailable to us. And if we don’t reconnect fully, we can sadly live our whole lives in the shadows of our authentic selves. Never fully feeling free to create the lives we are meant for.
I have recently made a huge leap in my business, by incorporating energetic healing, which means I can now offer clients a quantum leap in their healing in order to not only reconnect with their authentic selves but to rapidly change their vibration and instantly begin attracting free-flowing abundance in all areas of their life.
There really is no need to be stuck!