Healing Hack

Hi Everyone,

We are at the beginning of a new week and as with every new start, a new opportunity to make our worlds a better place.

I realised recently, when working with a client, that whilst it is important when healing from trauma, old wounds and the past to acknowledge what happened and why it impacted our lives so greatly, it is not always beneficial to revisit it, by talking it through, repeatedly. Sometimes reliving it is just creating more trauma or impacting the old wound, prolonging the recovery.

So, how can we hack healing and reduce the recovery time? I believe the easiest way is first of all to realize how we want to live, how we want to feel and then look at how our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are keeping us from living this life. Once we have this in place we can work with a number of people including coaches and therapists to ensure we gain all the holistic tools (Addressing the healing process on a Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level) to move forward into a place of lightness, where we live with the intention of being happy. Where feeling good becomes our focus and we lose feelings of despondency and possibly being in a victim status.

I know that when we have unresolved trauma and negativity we often struggle to manifest the life we truly want and this is because of the negative energy we carry. 

In order to feel the lighter side of life we have to emanate it and this is something we cannot fake, it comes through realization and intention, it comes with knowing and feeling we deserve it, and we all do, deserve it.

I invite you to look at your life today and see where you are not getting the results that you would love to have and that you deserve and ask yourself ‘’Do I feel deserving of what I want?’’ or ‘’Am I resisting necessary changes dues to fear?’’

‘’How do I feel, most of the time?’’ ‘’Is my energy, light or heavy?’’

We must take the reins of life every day and create what we desire, if you are having challenges in this area, then know that things can change, but you must have the intention first.

If you need help with moving into a lighter and more positive state and ridding yourself of the negativity of the past, or know someone that does, then book a FREE consultation with me now and let me help you walk into 2021 with a spring in your step and a knowing that everything you truly desire in life, can be created.

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Sending much love to you all

Nicola xx