Get uncomfortable, it's where the growth is


It’s been some time since I last contacted you and I just wanted to check in and tell you about my recent changes.

So many of us are going through things at the moment, it’s almost like an invisible force pushing us to face our demons, deal with our triggers and reconnect with our authentic selves. 

The person we were before, we were hurt, traumatised and troubled. The one who knew what we needed in order to be happy, the one who was at peace with being themselves, regardless of what society or anyone for that matter expected.

I myself have been going through another layer that I have been hiding under and I know it won’t be the last. You see I got too comfortable, both personally and professionally and when that happens we don’t grow, we get lazy and lose our focus.

You might think be thinking ‘’Why would you want to be uncomfortable?’’ And I would say ‘When you are expanding past your current limits, challenging yourself and feeling those feelings you may often avoid, it’s where the magic happens’’.

Where we experience real happiness, joy, success, fulfillment and pride. We become strong, like a warrior and we have more belief in our purpose and most importantly ourselves.

If you are currently stuck in life, in your relationship, or your business I want to ask you ‘What are you currently doing different to move from where you are?’’

‘’What new ways of behaving or thinking are you putting into action?’’

I recently got tired of hearing myself making excuses for not stepping out of my comfort zone.

‘’It’s not the right time.’’

‘’It’s too hot.’’ (I live in Spain and it’s summer.)

Blah, blah, blah it goes on.

Then I had to ask myself ‘’What would you feel like, if you were where you are now, in 5 years time?’’

‘’What about 10 years time or even 20?’’

‘’No freaking way!!’’ was the answer. 

I couldn’t even imagine being where I am now and never shifting. Not because I am not happy, because I am. But because I want to be the best person I can be, for myself, my partner, for my clients.

I had to remind myself that every time I have grown and felt really good about myself, it’s because I had done something that put me in an uncomfortable place, done something I hadn’t done before. Yet the rewards came back tenfold.

Although society dictates that age and time have limitations, I am reminding you today that it’s never too late to be better, after all when you are better, then everything in your life is better.

So try doing something that makes you uncomfortable today and know that in a short space of time that discomfort will carry happiness, success, joy, pride, connection, significance, love and make a difference to others.

Until next time!

Lots of love


P.S I would love you to let me know about your own stories of discomfort and how they shifted you into a better, happier place xxxx