I realise that rejection is a feeling that comes from the need of my ego, it is displaced it is not real, as my soul needs only love to feel fulfilled and love is always available to me as I love myself. That I need never search for love because as I give, so it will return. Love is unquestionable in its nature, it is endless.

Awareness of every feeling I experience brings me to a place where I am grateful to know that in all events, lessons can be learned.

Growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally will provide me with a constantly evolving of soul. That is necessary to my existence.

When a person I love passes and leaves the earthly plane, I am aware that it is only the fleshy carrier of their soul that is gone, because I can still feel every feeling i have ever experienced with them, whenever I choose to. And that their voice will speak eternally to me as I carry them in my heart.

I shall never question why they left, because they never belonged to me or me to them. For they had their own path to follow, their own lessons to learn, their own karma to fulfil, there own knowledge to share and their love to give.

When I realise my emotions are within my control, I am joyous because I never have to wait to feel anything I want to feel, I am always able to chose how I am, at any given moment.

I am awake, I have awareness