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About me

Hi, Nicola here. I am so glad you decided to take a look at what I do!  This is the part where I get to share my story, to help you understand my why and how I can help you.

Life and Soul Coaching

All programmes involve one-to-one coaching either in person, on Skype or by telephone.

Heart and Inner Child Healing

3 Month Package

You will be guided into healing your inner child and opening and healing your heart. In order to leave the past behind and find the daily joy in life

Trauma Recovery

6 Month Package
Trauma manifests in our lives in many ways and this programme offers a holistic approach to healing. Addressing the mind, body and soul to ensure all parts of self are fully integrated.

From Survivor to Thriver​

9 Month Package

This package really does go deep and is for those who have survived trauma and want to move into finding their passion and purpose.

What My Clients Say

"Nicola is a great and lovely therapist. She is clear. Has a great technique and direct to the point. She is good at listening and guiding. The exercises she gave me to practice are fantastic and really work. . She understood my triggers quickly. Also taught me how to deal with them. With Nicola there is an understanding and a fast forward help. Honest and to the point . She is the best. Thank you Nicola."
"I would highly recommend Nicola, she helped me enormously with severe anxiety following trauma I have experienced. At one of the worst times of my life, when I thought the only way out was suicide, I contacted Nicola for help. She used her considerable knowledge and very real sense of experience to work with me on dealing with difficulties I was having in a dynamic yet intuitive style. She helped me look at my beliefs and behaviour, then to build up my courage and self esteem by learning new skills and strategies I can go on and use for life. Nicola really listens, understands and helps you live your best life! I am so grateful and would highly recommend this outstanding life coach to anyone."
"I've had some sessions with Nicola to help me break away from learned behaviours from childhood that were interfering with my present. She has taught me about boundaries and ways to maintain these to serve me best. This impacted on my relationship with my partner in a more positive manner for which I am very grateful. I would highly recommend Nicola's service. Five star therapist."
"I contacted Nicola in April.....I was feeling down and crying a lot after a breakup.....I have been inspired by my sessions with her..she has taught me to not focus on negative things. To search for the good things I have in my life, and to like myself. To feel worthy.......I do the mantras everyday, and meditations too. I feel so much more confident and relaxed about ‘things’ that really shouldn’t matter. She has enabled me to feel positive about myself and to feel that my opinion matters just as much as the next person. Yes. I had a couple of hiccups when I needed to speak to Nicola outside of my appointed session, but she helped me to focus on happy feelings, and to regain some clarity. Thanks Nicola"