Thank you for reading this today, for taking the time to listen to what I wanted to share with you, for stopping and not turning the page. I appreciate you and the time and attention you are giving to my work.
I thank you!
Now I want to ask you, how did the above paragraph make you feel?
Did it make you feel good? Did it make you smile? Or did it make you feel low? Or sad? Or even depressed?
These may seem like funny questions to ask, but I want you to understand fully, the power in Gratitude….if you don’t already know!
When we show gratitude to another through words or actions, we are appreciating them, we are showing them that they are not going un-noticed.
Gratitude is valuable in every area of life, wether it be in the work place, the home, our friendships, our relationships or just in daily life.
When we feel grateful for life and focus on the positive we create good energy, good vibrations. And when I say vibrations, I am explaining the scientific value of everything that exists.
You see everything has a vibration, because everything is made up of matter; atoms and molecules, that have an energetic value. Even us. And going beyond things we can see, touch,taste and smell, vibration is also reflected in words and actions. A positive word influences the speaker and the receiver in a positive way, therefore it carries a positive feeling, the same can be said for a negative word.
And when we experience a positive vibration, we feel more inclined to give back a positive vibration. So in simple terms ‘Like attracts like.’
So going back to Gratitude, we really must focus on being grateful for everything that is good in life. Even if it is only for a shower,or a good meal, or even just having a roof over our heads.
We can even feel grateful for things going wrong, because things not working out as we would like them often carry a lesson or hidden meaning.
For example- You really want a certain job, you study hard for it, you prepare yourself for the interview, but the job isn’t given to you. You can then be grateful in the moment or a little bit down the line, when you realise that there is a better job for you coming up. Or the job you thought was right for you, really wasn’t.
This concept can be quite hard to grasp I know, particularly when you really needed a job for financially reasons, but when you can see the bigger picture when you are able to reflect on how life is really working out for you based on the concept that the reason for living is to learn, to grow and to become the best version of yourself. And not just to be financially successful.
So I want to ask you today, what can you be grateful for?
What positive things have happened that you can focus on and attract more of?
I like to suggest to my clients’ especially ones that suffer from depression, to buy a book and write down every day before they go to bed, 5 things that they are grateful for in that day. It’s a simple task which really allows you to see just how much life is working out for you!
Why not try it and in no time at all you will see that feeling grateful and showing gratitude can really change your life

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