Heart and Soul

heart and soul

Recently I read a beautiful book from the late Dr Wayne Dyer;a master in the art of spirituality, manifestation and ways of living a truly fullfilling, meaningful and joyful life. In the book Wayne asks a question “If I asked you now, to point at yourself where would you point?” I carried out this action and instinctively pointed at my chest; I think most of us would. Wayne then goes on to explain that the reason we point at our chest or heart area is because we intuitively and maybe for a lot of us subconsciously, know that we are our heart and soul, not our head. Yet most of us work and act from our thoughts and not our feelings. Now I am not saying that the brain is not a vitally important part of our anatomy, it is an amazing resource that serves us well and controls such important parts of our bodies and we definitely could not live without it. But it got me wondering as to how resourceful and productive our brains are when dealing with people, events and creativity.

 Our memory can cause us to act based on past events ,making us think we are in the same scenario time and time again, when actually each incident is a fresh one and never the same as the last .This can cause us to jump the gun and presume, when the reality is totally different and this can stop us from experiencing new things. We do this when we are trying to protect ourselves from downfalls and failures and most of all from being hurt .But if we acted from our heart and soul our true selves we would have a totally different experience that may just work out to our advantage.

Fear stops us from trying new things and quite often results in us leading lives that eventually become boring, or some may even call it living within our comfort zone. It also creates in us anxiety based on past experiences that are no longer a reality and indeed of the past. At one time or another we have all had the humiliating experience of expressing our feelings to someone only to have them re-buffed and not reciprocated and this always leaves us feeling insecure and fearful of showing our love again. Our brain stores the memory of this for future reference and when a similar situation arises again it is quite easy for us to go to that memory and act accordingly .But if we were to go to our heart and have faith in our ability to love regardless of the consequence, we stay in a place of being connected to it and also to our soul;which is loving and unconditional. To pratice this type of action we must try to understand that we can never truly control or have the guarantee of an outcome, but that in taking risks we voluntarily put ourselves in a place of receiving and that in time the loving reciprocation will come. When we are greeted in anger for no apparent reason and go to our heads for a solution, we again go to a memory of similar times and often magnify the situation by reacting angrily and protectively .When it maybe more productive to ask yourself why a person is so angry? And if it really is because of us?  It maybe that the person has been treated badly by another,or is in such a fearful place that they are lashing out ,intending to keep everyone at a distance. When in fact what they really need is a kind word or some compassion; action’s that come from the heart. I have spoken to you before about how the soul takes great pleasure when you indulge it in your talent’s and are being creative.And the heart is also involved in such creative moment’s of pleasure.When your head get’s involved it can also be very proactive and creative,but the real feeling of pleasure is not connected to it.Pleasure is very much connected to the body and the senses,the brain is for the more logical and cognitive action’s we need to take.So in being aware of this we can use our brain and heart and soul more effectively. When we speak sincerely we often hold our hand to our heart to signify the truth of our word’s and to express more fully our emotion at that time,we never hold our head’s. When we want to connect with ourselves after a trauma or stressful situation,we again go to our heart and place our hand’s over it,but never our head’s.And an increase in our heartbeat often signifies the need to get back in touch with the source energy in our soul and we often breath deeply tot,to restore calm. The heart and soul are always there to guide us intuitively with our feeling’s.All our desire’s and emotion’s are held deep within them and can be trusted to make us aware of right and wrong.If we ignore them and stay in the brain we often come up with logical answer’s that may fit the moment reasonably well,but never reflect what we really feel. So when you come up against a challenge or feel you are not in tune with who you really are and begin to think and think,take a moment to breathe more deeply,place your hand on your heart and ask it for an answer.Asking your heart and soul to guide you to an answer may not always seem like the easiest but it may serve you better,allowing you to express yourself genuinely,instead of from past memories.