When pain becomes too much

Most of us have at one time or other in our lives had an a ha! moment where we realise we have a pattern of behaviour that causes us to continuously experience pain and heartache.

Be it an insecurity that creates destruction within our relationships, a limiting belief that prevents us from pushing through to achieve our dreams and goals, fearing failure before we have even begun. Or maybe an addiction that costs us our health,relationships and diminishes our financial funds.

Whatever it maybe, the bottom line is if we realise it is not positive in our lives, then we have a choice to live with it or make a change.

We may choose to search for a Life coach or a counsellor. To re frame  the problem, learning  new strategies that challenge old belief systems. Read self help books or meditate to find strength, calm and inner peace. However we chose at this point to grow and develop ourselves to overcome these sources of pain, we must accept and realise that we have begun a journey that will lead through initial pain to a destination of authenticity, of being who we really are, of happiness. joy, self belief and confidence. And that without the level of pain as guidance we would not be making any changes at all.

Pain is an essential part of our inner guidance system, like an alarm bell, that keeps going off while ever we ignore it. Only when we embrace it and search deep within will we mute it’s deafening ring in our hearts and mind.

And so we begin the journey of self-examination and self-improvement. We look closely at who we are, what we stand for. We may ask ourselves” Do I like me, do I like the way I behave?” And a lot of the time we will be asking ourselves” Can I do this?” ” Do I have the strength, the courage, the determination?” And hopefully we will want to experience the other side of pain enough to push through the it, to try, to experience new experiences, to think differently, act differently. That we will realise only with a different perspective can the pain be pushed aside in favour of the most joyful rewards…freedom to be ourselves