Whatever is good for your soul...do that!

When I write I lose track of time and get lost in the whole process. I know others lose themselves when being creative in their chosen field and I have also seen many envy these people. The ones that have envy see the joy and happiness that unfolds and they want to experience that for themselves and why not?

I believe that everyone has a gift and also a unique way of expressing it and that we are given it in order to make the world a brighter,better and more enriched place. I also know that when we can’t seem to find out exactly what our gift or purpose is we tend to feel lost and frustrated, we go from one thing to another(particularly in work) and never seem to find that feeling of being fulfilled. We are restless in our lives and feel there is something missing. When these negative feelings occur it is the soul’s way of letting you know you re not taking care of it. The soul desires freedom and expression,it wants to create for the pleasure of creating,it wants to be fed with joy and happiness. The soul is pure in everyone and everything,if listened to it will guide you to all the right things at the right time,even in times of hardship.

When you are struggling in life the soul wants you to overcome challenges by being authentic, working in your own unique way ,through experiencing yourself rather than taking on the voices and opinions of others. The soul is who you are not what you are. If you don’t quite get the concept of having a soul maybe you can understand by thinking about the many different people you know and how they all express themselves differently. How they laugh at things others don’t and how some people help and some don’t. Think about the entertainers amongst us and the shy ones, the ones that like to paint or write,  or create new inventions or maybe campaign for animal or human rights. Now as you are thinking about the people you know imagine them losing a limb, an arm maybe or a leg,or maybe even an eye. Now ask yourself, would it change who they really are? Your father would still be your father, your mother still your mother and your friend still your friend and, they would still love you. This is because the body is only material that is needed here on earth to carry the soul. The body is also a useful tool in your learning process,it requires sustenance and respect to work for you and the consequences of not caring for it can be felt strongly and with great impact.

It is often through illness of the mind and the body that we come to realise our truth and what we need in life to be happy. A healthy body and mind is important when working towards creating health for the soul. Love is the food of the soul and if it is fed regularly,life success is guaranteed to ensue.

The soul does not keep a score of wrongs  ,it forgives and moves on. It knows that to indulge itself in reliving past hurts is destructive and will tarnish it’s purity. The soul is not defensive because it is sure of itself and is strong. And in wisdom it keeps loving even when love has been rejected or abused.

Things do not have to be complex for the soul to be happy, simple things done in a way that requires commitment and patience have a way of making us feel complete and relaxed. This type of work which can often be called mundane,allows the soul to luxuriate in feelings of worthiness. Cleaning and caring for our home for example,adds a sense of accomplishment and worth is magnified as others too see and spend time in our little havens. There is no need to spend vast amounts of money on expensive things, bringing nature; such as plants and flowers into our environment soothes and relaxes our soul and makes us aware that we are all connected.

Loving and accepting love is not always easy and quite often we withdraw our love, but we then suffer more. We blame others for our suffering,but if we can become strong enough to love whatever the situation, knowing that people only hurt people when they are hurting themselves, we can begin to bring empathy and compassion in and then loving never ceases.

Soul love brings a lightness to our bodies, it makes us kind and concerned for things beyond ourselves, We begin to realise that we are responsible for all lives collectively when we love at a deeper soul level and we can only experience this kind of consciousness when we act courageously in life,by facing our fears and challenging our demons. To awaken the soul from the oppressive noise of society takes quiet and time out and for some going inward to their quiet place is frightening because they don’t know what they will find there. It maybe that the answers to the questions they are asking about themselves and life will require them to change their behaviours and beliefs. And it may also mean stepping away from people,which can cause upset and anger. But once the process begins there is no going back,the soul is omnipresent and will never stop calling you to be a better and happier you,it is a pure blessing.