Feeling Worthy

Ever wondered why life works out for some and not others?
Feeling worthy of the good things in life is so important. It is not just a case of wanting good things. We all want good things, but if you have spent time observing how easy life is for some people, you will have come to realise that there may be a secret…and the truth is there are a few secrets to life. But feeling worthy and acting worthy is an essential one.
When you have little self-worth, you will find it difficult to ask for you want, you will put up with less than you deserve, simply because you don’t feel worthy of any more. And it will never change. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the facts remain.
In order to feel worthy in life, we need to stand up for what we truly believe in our core. We need to show others how we want to be treated. And that means not accepting crumbs, when we deserve the whole loaf.
When we feel worthy of being paid more for example, that feeling of worth will start to expand out into every area of life. We will not accept being badly treated by others, we will begin to let people know what is acceptable and what is not.
We will confront situations in a non- confrontational way, simply by just taking responsibility for our part in feeling worthy.
So many people blame others for the way they are treated but have you ever stopped to think about your part in being badly treated. If we learn to say ‘NO’ others get a clear message that we won’t allow it. So they give up, they stop practising their abusive and dis-respectful behaviour towards us and our self-worth increases.
Lack of self-worth is developed over time, we are not born with the feeling, it is created at a time when someone treated us badly. At this time we developed a skewed perception, we took on that other persons perception of themselves. ‘If I am not worthy, then neither are you’.
But this is an injustice, because how can anyone who doesn’t know us put a value on us.
We all mirror each other in life and the biggest failing and belief we can undertake is someone else’s perception of us.
Instead we should develop a feeling of worthiness based on our abilities, our dedication to doing good, living from our hearts. Giving to others because it’s who we are, not what we became just because someone decided to treat us badly.
Think about it now, when did someone treat you badly? When did you take on their ideas of your worth…and how long have you been practising this perception? And how has it worked out for you?
Now I am no-one to tell anyone to change, it is up to each individual to decide wether or not what they practice is working out for them. If something is not working out for you it can to be changed. And this is where the real work begins, we have to first of all be honest with ourselves(scary I know) Only then we can make the changes necessary. And just as a habit of undervaluing ourselves needs to be practiced, the habit of valuing ourself has to practiced to be felt and believed…it takes time. But what better project to work on but yourself?
What better person to focus on, what better life to rebuild than your own?

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