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The Beggar
And there he sat alone and withered
Tired, sadNo clothes, he shivered.
And as his soul called out to others,
His head hung low, have I no brothers?Walking past, their life so full
He pleaded flatly,
Drained and dull.
No enthusiasm could he share
With fellow humans
That didn’t care.

“A coffee?” I asked to the top of his head
“A pound” he replied,
To which I said,
“A pound and coffee, is it a deal?”
He grinned and murmured
“Are you for real?”

I ponder today, as I lay on my bed
Is the street man right?
Is caring dead?
I know that I cannot make it right.
For love I’ll continue
For mankind I will fight.


Awareness….. I realise that rejection is a feeling that comes from the need of my ego, it is displaced it is not real, as my soul needs only love to feel fulfilled and love is always available to me as

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Breaking the ties

Breaking the Ties Are you a twenty or even thirty something, who is struggling to leave home and embrace your independence? Statistics show that young adults are staying at home with their parents more than ever before. If I were

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