When people I have worked with send me testimonials it fills my heart with more passion and a real sense of purpose! See below what others have to say about their breakthrough’s!

“When I first met Nicola, I didn’t realise I needed help with my life. But through the “Connected to Self Group” that she runs here on the Costa Blanca I have developed and learnt so much. I now have my own business and am much more positive and confident. I am happier in my outlook and know as I continue attending the group that I will learn much more. I realise Nicola can help me in so many different aspects and I look forward to working together in the future.”
“She is a truly beautiful person. I think everyone should have a ‘Nicola’ in their life.”

Sue – Torrevieja, Alicante

“Nicola gave me a place that felt safe and non-judgemental; a place where I could get my thoughts together. She showed me I had a choice and that my life was the way it was because I wasn’t making a choice to change it. The changes I needed to make were scary, every time I considered change I thought about all the things that might go wrong, but Nicola made me realise that none of those things had happened at the time and they may not. She also helped me become aware I was living in a place of fear and that I could actually control it and had a choice in this. So I decided to choose myself over fear and know that everything would be fine; and it was and still is.”

Rebecca-La Siesta,  Alicante


“Over the years I have spent many hours in counselling, and many pounds paying for it! Although it helped me understand why I do the things I do, I never moved forward or accepted myself. Working with Nicola I have discovered a new and joyous way of thinking and living. If you too want to live life positively, with clear intentions and goals, and more importantly with enjoyment and fulfilment then I can’t recommend Nicola highly enough. She has made a real difference to my life.”

Susan – Banos de Europa, Torrevieja

“If you are struggling with change, patience, returning sadness ..Nicola will help you find out why?”

A massive big thank you to her as I still enjoy the big insight she helped me come to when I was struggling with some really negative thinking,behavior and patterns from the past.” “Nicola helped me turn around my point of view regarding a difficult relationship with my father and the returning thoughts of not being good enough, which affected my life,in all areas.”

“Why did I end up in an abusive marriage?” “Why was I ready to choose another one again?” “Why did my job not fulfil me?”

“Nicola gave me different glasses to look at life. I began to learn and practice, to look with love and appreciation, forgiveness and the art of moving on with loving thoughts;leaving anger and not being good enough in the past.”

“In less than 4 sessions I had my life back on the track in a different direction, the direction I chose and I love”

“If you want change but need a kick in the butt, and you are willing then this is the lady you want to call..as you will fly ..when you decide.”

“Nicola helped me to find my own sunshine again, much love to her as I can’t thank her enough for her brilliant coaching!”




“Forty years ago I ended up in a mental health unit,I recovered after treatment and much time and attention from loved ones.Life became good again and my times of struggle became a distant memory,until six months ago when I started to experience severe anxiety and depression. My doctor gave me medication which suppressed some of the feelings,but I still felt unable to cope in daily life and the fear of being carried of to another mental health unit hovered over me.I tried Counselling and lots of different alternative therapies but nothing seemed to make any difference.I felt powerless and out of control,I didn’t know which way to turn.”

“A friend of mine saw an advert for a Life coach and so I went along and met Nicola.After a warm introductory session I felt relaxed and had a sense of hope.Nicola listened without judgement and showed great compassion and understanding,so I booked to return and do some work with her.”

“That was 3 months ago and today I can honestly say I am a different woman.Nicola helped me to realise I needed to know and connect with myself again.That I had to learn how to prioritise my needs and also that I had to take responsibility for my thoughts and beliefs.I can’t believe how easy it was.I felt such relief as we progressed and I implimented the skills and strategies she taught me.”

“I am so grateful to Nicola for her help in turning my life around and the best part is I know I shall never return to that awful place.Life coaching is truly for everyone and I cannot recommend her enough!”



“How to sum up in a few words,the lady that changed my life?”

“Nicola came into my life and it felt like a miracle had happened. Up until then I had always tried to figure everything out for myself and thought at times I had it all sorted,but there was always an underlying feeling of never quite reaching a point of real contentment and happiness.”

Coaching was by far the best thing I have ever done and I know that my life has truly changed for ever.Because what I have learned from Nicola has altered me in such a way that I can never go back to the woman I was before.She taught me how to love and accept myself and how to look at things from a different perspective;and I began to feel excited about my life.”

Nicola is overflowing with information,skills and strategies that I know I will always be able to put in place,especially when challenges arise.”



I met Nicola last summer during a very difficult stage of my life,I was desperate and stuck in a situation and needed to make an important decision. I was about to repeat the same pattern again: to run away from my problems, blaming others and feeling sorry for myself.  The whole situation was messy and painful.

In a desperate attempt to search for help I found Nicola’s group but I couldn’t possibly attend, I had a young baby; it was not in my area and was in the evening when it was my baby’s bed time.

I had, had enough of fighting others and felt lonely and desperate. Nicola heard my cry for empathy and support and offered me her help straight away. It felt totally amazing as I was truly desperate and needed someone to be willing to adapt to my unusual situation. The next day she picked me up and kindly took me and baby to her place for a coaching session. She made me feel completely relaxed and confident in her ability to help me.

The Coaching session was totally transformative! It was as if she had injected positivity in me, she gave me a completely fresh outlook and showed me I had an opportunity to allow love and change. I left and started to make those changes straight away.

I can convincingly say that Nicola saved my sanity and changed my life. We’ve developed a great relationship, and she’s been guiding me ever since. I cannot thank Nicola enough, she taught me to see things differently and to use every opportunity to love and allow love. I feel grateful for all she’s given me.

Claudia, Manchester

Feeling inspired and motivated after meeting Nicola. Everything she says resonates with me 100%. Beautiful soul and looking forward to working towards my full potential with her help.

Lynne, Gran Alicant

I’ve been attending Nicola’s workshops on a regular basis and have been encouraged by the non-judgemental support offered.

More than that, Nicola offers a new perspective and guides me to making changes that aid my personal growth.

I really like her pragmatic, down-to-earth style beneath which lies a mountain of knowledge and skills in personal development.

Denise, Torrevieja

Nicola has an amazing attitude to life and I can,t thank her enough for her help with my phobia. She is so down to earth….and funny! Thank You Nicola.

Lynda, La Mata