Emotional Intelligence as Healing

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Emotional Intelligence as Healing




I was driven to create this course after I realised how important ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is in our lives. And also the lives of people that are recovering from trauma, CPTSD and PTSD. As someone who suffered a horrendous trauma as an infant, I had spent the first half of my life, sabotaging it and the rest trying to heal from it. I am no longer a victim of circumstances beyond my control, but a thriver, a success story and I want to share how learning about Emotional intelligence helped me make my come back and write a new story. My old story had little place for others, I was too busy trying to get my own needs met, sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed. But the story always ended the same. I got more hurt, more people left, until I couldn’t bear it any longer. My old story no longer needs to have energy put into it. My new story however needs all the energy I can muster on a daily basis.


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