Learning to Love Yourself

Loving yourself means caring about how you feel, about you;

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. It means that you have taken the time to know yourself and understand what you need in your life in order to be happy and fulfilled.

In today’s world Self-love is often seen as being selfish, but it is not. It simply means you prioritise you and your life. When others see that you love and respect yourself, it gives them a standard to follow, it shows them you have boundaries.

This course is designed to re-connect you with yourself at your core. It will help you to understand self-sabotaging behaviours and addictions.  And give you tools and strategies to replace them.

It will teach you how by loving yourself you open up to loving others and receiving from them too.


“Love is one of the most powerful of energies known, when it is practised on oneself and harnessed to help others.”