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At school we are taught how to read and write. We find out where countries are on a map and what date World War 1 happened. But unfortunately few of us are ever taught how to love and respect ourselves. We are not given the tools to fend off criticism without it effecting our self-esteem and confidence.  And we are never made aware of how attack is usually a sign of self protection and defence, based around fear.

Instead most of us muddle through life, experiencing some successes and a lot of personal pain. And we have no clue half the time as to why things happen, what the best way to deal with them is and how we are not always to blame.

In fact I think it is fair to say that most people have an area of their life that is extremely challenging for them and as their life continues, so does the pain and suffering. They begin to believe that they will never rid themselves of this road block which as they grow older becomes bigger than the pleasures.

If you feel like you can relate to the previous statement I have just made then I would like to ask you to consider the questions below-

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then Life coaching could be just the answer you are looking for!
Based on many different types of time-served Psychologies, Life coaching allows a person to really get to know themselves in depth and through doing this you can than understand what is needed as an individual in order to live a fulfilling, joyous life, experiencing peace and contentment.
Once this awareness has been reached then a Life coach can go on to teach you skills and strategies to help challenge negative belief systems that you may have developed from the past and also help free you from fears that maybe be blocking you from moving forward towards your dreams and goals.

It is really important when you are choosing a Life coach that you choose the right one for you, as there are many, specialising in different areas.
My particular style of coaching is based on the primary target of getting you to know yourself and what really makes you tick and also re-connecting you at a core level, through not only Life coaching but also Soul coaching.
Soul coaching is based on Mindfullness (awareness of ones beliefs, thoughts and behaviour) and how it affects the choices you make. It also looks at the importance of committing to self-improvement Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spirituality and that growth in all these areas is vital throughout life.

When you combine Life and Soul Coaching the results are truly astounding. With an awareness and acceptance of yourself you are able to lovingly manoeuvre your way through life happily and confidently. Trusting yourself to make the right decisions whilst knowing that when challenges occur you have the skills, strategies and mindset to deal with anything.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Well Life and Soul Coaching are just that!  In fact life is simple. As I wrote earlier it is only that we haven’t been taught the skills necessary and also learnt to trust and listen to out instincts, that we flounder and fall in life.
So if you feel like taking the wheel back in your life, if are tired of repeating old behaviours that never get you any where and you want to smash through road blocks and see what the life you deserve really looks like.
Book an introduction session with me NOW! investing in yourself and your happiness is the first step to freedom.