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Self Love

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Are you replacing self-love with comfort?
After trauma or deep hurt it’s common for some people to abandon themselves and to seek comfort instead.
That comfort can come from many different places, in people, food, drink, drugs, smoking, shopping and sex.
As we continue to seek this comfort and to soothe ourselves, within our lack of self-love, our energy becomes low vibrationally and we attract unsuccessful non-supporting people and events.
We fail, it hurts and our self-love diminishes further in that failure.
When we love ourselves, we attract love and success in business, relationships, health and wealth.
Look at your life’s current happiness and success level and ask yourself, do I embody self-love or am I settling for comfort and consequently a life lacking in love, happiness and success?
In my latest 2-hour online workshop I will be introducing you to a self-love program on Monday 31st October 2021 at 11 am CET, UK 10 am.