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Re-connection to self

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January 24th 4pm CET

In this online workshop I will share with you, how connecting back to your authentic self is the key to your happiness, peace, love and abundance.
It’s common after abuse, neglect, abandonment or severe hurt at the hands of another, that we decide to leave who we truly are in favour of being something we perceived others want us to be.
We do this because we believe we would not have suffered had we been something else.
In leaving ourselves we leave behind our true hearts desires in favour of making others happy.
We struggle to say NO to what we don’t want.
We become desperate for validation outside of ourself.
We lack confidence in our own abilities.
Stay in relationships that are toxic or abusive.
We don’t feel confident to ask for a promotion, a raise our increase our prices in business.
We are unable to define, energetically align and attract what we truly want.
And don’t trust ourselves to make the right decisions.
Because we are not in direct connection with who we really are, instead we are functioning from the false self that lives for others.
This workshop is for you, if you want to love yourself, live with confidence and be abundant in every aspect of life and love.
(It will also give you the key elements to begin attracting your perfect partner)
Personal Investment 47€