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Open your heart and become emotionally available

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Saturday 25TH March 2023 @ 17.00 CET 16.00 GMT 10.00 CST
Do you feel unlucky in love and life?
Have had a series of unsuccessful relationships?
Often have great things showing up in life, only for them to fall away as quickly as they arrived?
Then it’s highly likely you have unresolved trauma from the past that’s blocking your heart chakra. The energy centre that sends out the vibration of everything you desire. So that it will manifest into your reality.
In this Online MASTERCLASS we will explore how to open and expand the heart chakra which will create a higher vibrational frequency, so they you will be able to not only attract more love into you life, but also become emotionally available.
Personal Investment- 29 euros
To include Workbook and Heart opening practice