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Healing and reparenting the inner child

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Are you tired of being in codependent and toxic relationships?
Fear abandonment and loss of not only people, but your work and money?
Struggle to see yourself in a positive light?
Speak and think negatively about yourself?
Fear taking risks in order to improve your life?
Have a lack of trust in yourself and others?
Self-soothe with negative behaviours and habits?
Lack confidence and clarity about what you want to do in your life?
Rarely experience joy and happiness?

Then this 3 day workshop is for you!

The healing journey promises to give you the awareness the healing and the tools to process and release the past and become who you were before you were hurt, so badly.
Self-loving, open-hearted, positive, empowered, fearless,successful,happy and joyful being.
Someone who easily attracts the best of everything in life.
All sessions will be recorded if you can’t make it.
With life time access.