14th October 2017 workshop Loving, Living and Creating your dream life

Life can be a trial at times and it’s not difficult for us to lose our way. Demands from family, partners, and work can cause us to forget about ourselves and what makes us happy and we can often be left feeling unfulfilled and lost in our own lives. Many of us go through life with a sense of duty instead of purpose, having no real idea how to create our own happiness. We are directed by the media and the government to work to pay bills and whilst living responsibly is essential, we owe it to ourselves to spend time on us, discovering our true pathways.
In this workshop, we will look at-
The Importance of meeting our own needs to the highest standard, in order to have the life we truly want
The consequences and effects of not living the most fulfilling life possible. (e.g Depression, Addictions, Behaviour Disorders.
How to prioritise our needs without feeling guilt or shame
How we discover our life’s purpose.
The Six Human needs (based on Maslov’s theory) This will be a discussion where each attendee will have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at how they meet their own needs and where changes need to take place. Incorporating skills and strategies based on Psychology and Life Coaching.
Motivation for keeping our momentum in achieving our desired life.
Meditation for self-discovery and continuity.
This workshop is for everyone! It aims to give great personal awareness and insight to each attendee whilst also teaching amazing new skills and strategies!
Cost-25 euros per person (to include Coffee, Tea or Water on arrival) With optional lunch.
To secure your place call Nicola on 634316839 or email connectedtoself@outlook.com
This workshop will smoothly lead to our next one which will be-Addictions/Addictive behaviours-why we have them and how we break them for good


i love me

‘Learning to Love yourself’ workshop. 2nd September 2017

‘Learning to Love yourself’ is paramount to your existence.It affects every area of your life and this why we have decided to launch our NEW workshops with the Self-love theme. In this workshop you will be taught the skills and strategies to put self=love into place in your life. You will leave with a great understanding of how your conscious and sub-conscious mind influence your life and also how to create new thought patterns and belief systems.

Informative, Creative, fun, Interactive, Memorable and Life changing!

To join us 

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