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I am me, a part of everything and I am overjoyed at the privilege. I am responsible for not only how I feel but for the collective feeling of the universe.

I can share my love, knowing that love is in everything that lives and breathes and in order for love to grow it has to be shown and encouraged. It has to be light and not self-seeking.

I can take each challenge and see it as a gift to grow and awaken in me all the things I was born with.

I chose to indulge in the needs of my soul, the purity that is all I am and all I need to be.

I know that in nature I can gain connectivity with every living thing including myself.

I sense when I breathe that I not only breathe in air and fill my lungs, but that I breathe in beauty and gentleness. Kindness and forgiveness…all the good things.

When my mood is low I acknowledge why and need only feel the beating heart of mother earth and the eternal voice that speaks loudly to me in the silence.

I respect the great gift that is my sensitivity and awareness of the suffering of others and that I can bring about change for them by changing myself.

That when I offer a caring helping hand to another I am offering it to myself, I know this because of how it makes me feel.

When I am angry my instinct and feelings show me through my body, where I am going wrong.

I am blessed, I am eternal…I am love

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