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Hi! I am Nicola Farnhill, the face behind “Connected to Self”Life and Soul Coaching.

I created this website as a space to connect with you and offer my knowledge as a Life and Soul Coach.
Coaching is I believe, a form of work you do with someone like me in order to re-connect with yourself at a soul level.When you do this and create a healthy relationship with yourself, your relationships evolve and grow, you understand your purpose and potential and your working life has more meaning and less restriction. You see problems as challenges and your understanding of life alters in such a way that you would have never thought possible.
I began my career working and helping children and adults as a Social Worker in the UK which then led me to undertake a Counselling diploma and a few years after that I stumbled across Life Coaching with the famous Tony Robbins and Cloe Maddanes.
Life Coaching resonated with me at a Soul level, it stirred up the past and finally offered me the answers to my own life story. The ones I had been searching for, for a long time.
I cannot say that as a child I had suffered from horrendous abuse or neglect, however I did suffer a trauma that left me with severe abandonment issues, that I was to carry for the next 40 years.

As a new baby, doctors discovered that I had a serious problem with my small intestine, that would require a lengthy stay in hospital and an operation. In those days mother’s were not allowed to stay in hospital with their babies and so I spent long periods of time without my mother from the age of 3 months old, this caused great trauma and my emotional health was severely affected. 

I developed insomnia, struggled with social activities where my mother wasn’t present, didn’t fit in, in school and found it hard to make friends. Later on when I left school I had problems in relationships and commitment to my work. All my challenges came to a head when my mother died when I was 37. My world fell apart completely and the facts of my co-dependant relationship with her became very clear. It was in a nutshell, like starting my whole life again.

.During my lost years I searched with a relentless driving force to find the answers to life,happiness and fulfillment; that I knew existed. It was on the last leg of my recent discoveries that I finally began to re-connect with me, to begin to have a relationship with myself and I started to feel that home was not too far away.
It was at this point I discovered Spirituality (the commitment to work on yourself and continously self-improve in all areas) and began to listen to and read as much material as I could lay my hands on and I could not believe how much was available! I favoured and still do the amazing work of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer ( a man who quickly became my mentor) H.R.H The Dalai Lama, Ralph Waldo Trine and Paolo Coelho to name but few.

I have also undertaken training in Mindfulness (The art of being present and in the moment) and meditation, in order to control my propensity for needing to much certainty and security.
Today I stand as a woman who has over 20 years of experience working with others, assisting them in the art of self-discovery and true happiness. I know who I am, I decide how I feel and react and I know the secrets to a joy filled and successful life.
“ Was your journey easy?” you may ask and I would say “ No, but it was worth it, because we are all worth it”.
I am blessed to have a gift of wanting to make a difference and if you are ready to start your journey “Home” I would love to hold your hand and steadily help you walk towards the life you have always dreamed of.

                                                                 ‘It’s never too late to create a new story’

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